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Amazon.com/mytv - Enter Mytv Code Showing On Screen

For Turning the Prime Application from a small screen like Mobile Phone to a Big Screen such as Tv follow the path stated below.

Download and install the application on your TV

  • There are two types of TVs i.e. Smart and Android.
  • No doubt that the android TV supports the Prime video application as it's available in the play store too.
  • But some smart TVs are unable to support it.
  • So for downloading the application on the Android TV.
  • Just open the Play Store and search Amazon Prime and click OK.
  • Then open the Prime app with an official prime LOGO.
  • After that click on the Install button and the application will install automatically.
  • But this is not the way for the smart TV's not to support Amazon Mytv code Prime Videos.
  • For them just open the file sharer or any application similar to it.
  • Open the application on your android mobile phone with a similar configuration.
  • Share the prime video application from the list of previously installed applications.
  • After the sharing process completes, Open the file manager on that TV.
  • Open the received folder and click on the shared application.
  • Open the application and click on the install button there.
  • Then the file manager installed in its own way and the Amazon.com/mytv Prime videos are available here.
  • This was about the downloading and installing of the amazon prime video application on your smart as well as Android TV.
  • We have covered all problems faced by the user while installing the applications.

Enter amazon myTV Code (Amazon.com/mytv)

  • Open the application of amazon prime video from the list of your TV applications.
  • When you open the application, first the animation showing the Prime video LOGO appears.
  • Then it takes you to the sign-in tab.
  • Here two options are available i.e. sign in or register.
  • You better choose the Register option if you are performing these steps for the first time.
  • Then the TV screen shows the Regsitration code or Amazon Mytv code with Bold Alphabets as well as numbers.
  • Don't turn off the TV or the current application as there will be no use of the steps performed till now.

Registration Procedure using android mobile Phone/laptop:

  • Take any one of these i.e. Mobile Phone or Laptop with a pre-installed browser for surfing.
  • Serf for the link Amazon.com/mytv.
  • Sign in to the amazon Mytv account using the same credentials used while purchasing it.
  • Or simply create one and continue with it.
  • Then enter Amazon mytv code or Registration code in the desired place.
  • Click on the registered device.
  • The application verifies the device using the registration code and activates that device.
  • Activation of the TV leads to the change in the TV screen with many video applications running on it.
  • This process of having Amazon.com/mytv on Big screen will really be helpful for you to enjoy the Movies as well as TV shows on your TV screen.


After getting the subscription you need to run the application on your Smart TV. For this, you get an Amazon Mytv Code. This is also an important component in the long-term procedure that we'll see. You get a mobile application of the amazon prime videos too. But it's not enough to have the video streaming on the mobile screen. To watch them on the Big screen such as TV, lets' move to the procedure to have them on Big TV screen.

Amazon.com/mytv the great streaming platform almost ranking at the topmost position also provides the Prime Subscription Package to their customers. To avail of the benefits of this Prime Subscription, One needs to purchase the membership with some handsome amount of money. This is a great deal offered by Amazon mytv code and the benefits as compared are more vast. Getting the benefits such as free video subscription, free shipping, Express shipping are some of the major benefits included in this subscription.



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